Find Your Superpowers in Camp Invention’s Innovation Force

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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Find Your Superpowers in Camp Invention’s Innovation Force

Calling all innovators! This summer’s Supercharged™ Camp Invention® program invites children to team up with our Innovation Force® — world-changing inventors portrayed as dynamic superheroes. One of four exciting modules included in this year’s Camp Invention curriculum, Innovation Force gives your child the opportunity to become an inventor and entrepreneur who can confidently brainstorm, prototype and bring inventions to market.

Read on to find out how this module will guide your child to develop their own powers of innovation.  

Enjoying Hands-On Activities

Each Innovation Force activity in our Supercharged program is designed to offer hands-on fun that will spark your child’s imagination. Throughout their week at Camp Invention, they’ll join members of the Innovation Force to stop the Plagiarizer, a villain who attempts to steal ideas.

The fun begins as your child develops their own superhero alter ego and disguise. While receiving direction and encouragement through messages from our National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) Inductees, they’ll create “X-ray” images using light-sensitive paper, design a device to light up the night, and invent and prototype a gadget to retrieve stolen ideas.

To help our campers understand their rights as creators, the Innovation Force module provides an understanding of intellectual property, demonstrating how the patent system is designed to protect and empower those who innovate. Your child will learn to think like an entrepreneur as they pitch their superhero gadget invention to NIHF Inductee Nikola Tesla, Captain of the Innovation Force.

Take a look at our Innovation Force activities in action!

Innovation Force Module Video

Learning Lessons from Great Inventors

According to research from Opportunity Insights, when children are exposed to innovation at an early age, they’re more likely to become innovative adults. Our Camp Invention program provides this valuable exposure by infusing lessons from our NIHF Inductees, the world’s greatest inventors, into a new curriculum every year.

This summer’s Supercharged curriculum features inventors including Sumita Mitra, Stan Honey, George Alcorn, Radia Perlman, Eric R. Fossum and Jaap Haartsen — NIHF Inductees who believe in empowering the next generation of innovators.

By introducing our program participants to a diverse group of relatable, real-life superheroes, we can help them to view themselves as innovators. Not only will your child learn life lessons from real inventors, but they’ll also be encouraged to identify an inventor as their own “My Innovation Icon,” or career role model.

Taking the Fun Home

Your child can continue to develop their innovative superpowers after their week at Camp Invention. They’ll bring home their superhero gadget prototype, an Innovation Force comic book, a Glo-Logo device and light-sensitive X-ray paper. They can even continue dressing the part with their own superhero disguise including a cape, mask, gloves and glasses.

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