Join an Immersive, Afterschool STEM Program with Club Invention

What is Club Invention?

  • Who: Creative kids entering grades 1-6
  • What: An innovative STEM education program that takes our nationally recognized Camp Invention® summer program and turns it into an engaging afterschool experience. Through creative, hands-on challenges, children build STEM competency and problem-solving skills while finding inspiration from real-world inventors.
  • Where: Participating schools and districts across the country
  • When: Throughout the school year
  • How Much: See your local program for pricing

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Discover the Club Invention Experiences
Bolder Builders™

Children will join engineer, architect and builder Archie Tek in the restoration of a town called Unlucky.

  • Create and test various structures for strength and stability
  • Design and create shelters for townspeople
  • Build various animal habitats
Castles, Catapults and Coats of Arms™

Kids assume the roles of lords, knights, craftspeople and serfs while working together to complete a series of challenges.

  • Explore basic scientific principles interwoven with medieval history
  • Engage in hands-on creativity
E.Z. Science™

A world-famous science magazine needs help to get the next month’s issue on the streets. Children must help E.Z. Science Journal by providing inventive scientific and mathematical solutions to everyday problems.

  • Conduct experiments
  • Solve puzzles
  • Create a game with instructions
Flight Sight™

Children explore how inventions in flight have made it possible to see the world from different perspectives.

  • Experiment with devices that can help people jump higher
  • Create 3D maps
  • Design and fly huge paper airplanes
Passage to Planet ROG™

When kids travel to distant Planet ROG, they find a number of challenges to take on with teamwork and creative thinking.

  • Work together to solve problems in space and on a new planet
  • Develop innovative devices
Phys Ed: Physics in Motion™

Kids learn about the work of scientists including Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton and Daniel Bernoulli, who helped answer questions about how and why objects move.

  • Create games based on the work of famous physicists
  • Incorporate the laws of gravity, energy, motion and magnetism into fun activities
SOS: Endangered Earth™

Children are challenged to save the homes of animals across the country, from roving black bears to birds.

  • Investigate animal habitat threats like oil spills
  • Create new, clever ways to build safe animal spaces
Trash Island: A Garbage Patch Journey™

Kids learn about an important environmental topic — the extreme buildup of trash in the North Pacific Central Ocean Gyre.

  • Take on ocean research challenges
  • Apply creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork to devise solutions
Wheel of Invention™

Welcome to the latest game show sweeping the nation — this is Wheel of Invention! Throughout this experience, kids will compete in the “Entrepreneurial Game Arena.”

  • Buzz in to answer fascinating trivia questions
  • Wow the audience with amazing new invention prototypes

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