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How Can You Make a Difference as a Monthly Donor?

When we each support our communities, we make a positive impact for the entire country. If you’re looking for a great way to support children in your community, the National Inventors Hall of Fame®monthly giving program is the perfect option for you!

When you become a monthly donor, you make it possible for local families to receive the financial help they need to send their children to Camp Invention®, the one-of-a-kind, nationwide K-6 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) summer camp. With every gift, you provide valuable opportunities for kids to engage in hands-on, imagination-stretching, skill-building fun and learning.

Read on to learn why monthly giving is a simple way to make a big impact.


Opens Doors for Children in Your Community

Right now, children in your community are waiting to go to Camp Invention. Each child on your area’s waitlist is eager to join their peers in all the excitement and enrichment of camp, but they are waiting for the financial help they need to get there. You make it happen when you start giving monthly.

By helping local kids move off the waitlist and into a program led by qualified local educators, you’re giving them the chance to grow into confident, creative problem solvers. Thanks to the scholarships you support, they’ll collaborate; bring big ideas to life; practice persistence; identify relatable, innovative role models; and build the same powerful mindset our Hall of Famers have used to change the world.

Families in communities across the country have seen firsthand the benefits of scholarships to attend Camp Invention.

“My child came home each day more enthusiastic, excited, energetic and innovative than the day before. We are so incredibly grateful for the generosity of donors to ensure scholarships. Thank you, thank you!”
— Tiffany S., Camp Invention parent, North Chesterfield, VA


“This camp helped my child tremendously with self-esteem, the desire to learn, and a newfound love for science and how things work! Without the scholarship he would not have been able to attend, and I am extremely grateful he was awarded one!”
— Aimee K., Camp Invention parent, Old Fort, NC


“My two children were granted scholarships for which we are very grateful. This would have been beyond our financial means otherwise. They were excited to show off their inventions to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much for encouraging STEM in rural communities.”
— Juliana W., Camp Invention parent, Caro, MI


“My son was so excited to go to Camp Invention and came home telling me all about what they were doing every day! And what’s even better is that he remembers a lot of what he has learned. This camp is awesome! Without financial help, we would not be able to afford to send him, so we really appreciate the help. Thank you so much for this amazing camp!”
— Charlene C., Camp Invention parent, Hyde Park, NY


Provide Steady Support

When you become a monthly donor, your impact is both immediate and ongoing. While every gift matters, choosing to give monthly is especially effective. In addition to supporting children in your community right now, you’re providing the National Inventors Hall of Fame with the stability to keep providing equitable access to invention education well into the future.

We count on monthly donors to ensure we may plan ahead to reach and support as many children as possible. As a monthly donor, you not only open doors, but you keep them open. Your impact grows as you help more children to join in meaningful learning experiences designed to unlock their full potential.


Become a Monthly Donor Today

Don’t wait to spark creativity and innovation in your community! To start giving right now, visit and select “Monthly” to make your gift recurring.

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