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Invention is much more than a “eureka” moment. Invention is a mindset that involves collaboration, hands-on application of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), creative problem solving, entrepreneurship and an understanding that moments of failure are necessary on the path to success.

Our Innovation Ecosystem — a network of programs influenced by inventors — provides an authentic, hands-on opportunity to build the I Can Invent® Mindset. Led by local, certified educators, our programs offer equal access to STEM education while positioning inventors as role models, helping to reduce disparities in STEM fields and build a more innovative future.

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Camp Invention®

K–6th grade
Our nationally acclaimed STEM summer camp provides in-person opportunities to take on fun, hands-on challenges that build confidence, collaboration and creative problem solving.

Camp Invention Connect®

K–6th grade
Making real connections across communities, our national, at-home STEM summer camp offers engaging, hands-on activities and virtual collaboration with friends and certified educators.

Club Invention®

1st–6th grade
Exploring a range of subjects, our engaging afterschool STEM programs offer in-person and at-home learning with hands-on challenges that inspire creativity and spark critical thinking.


7th–9th grade
Offering opportunities to mentor younger children at Camp Invention, our one-of-a-kind, in-person leadership program develops goal-setting skills through creative STEM exploration.

Leadership Interns

High school and college students
Providing mentorship experiences at Camp Invention and Invention Project, our rewarding, in-person STEM education volunteer program develops leadership skills and enhances resumes.

Check Out All the Fun Children Have During Our STEM Programs

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Three girls stand in a circle working together on a pulley system as a teacher looks on
A team of young inventors works to create more efficient inventions.
Two boys work together on an activity during a STEM program for elementary students
Two young innovators work together to solve a problem.
A group of elementary students sit on the floor outside their classroom and play with robots during Camp Invention
A group of brilliant minds play with their DIY Orbots™.
A Camp Invention Leader-in-Training sits at a table and helps two elementary students with a hands-on STEM activity
A group of future innovators collaborates to build grand ideas.
A boy leans in to look at a seed through a small plastic magnifying glass
A young inventor solves mysteries with their archaeology skills.
Three preschool students stand close together and reach into an aluminum baking tray during Invention Playground
A team of growing minds discovers new STEM concepts with hands-on activities.
A teacher shows an elementary student where to place a small plastic piece they just created using a tabletop 3D printer
Children learn from inspiring local educators.
A boy reaches into a clear plastic cup of orange-colored water using a small plastic eyedropper
A camper explores chemical reactions during a colorful hands-on activity.
Two boys sit at a school desk and play with modeling clay
Experimenting is twice as fun with a friend.
A girl looks through a small plastic magnifying glass at purple crystals in the shape of a small tree
Children learn that the path to discovery requires a new perspective.
A Camp Invention Leadership Intern helps an elementary student use string to put together their invention design
A Leadership Intern assists a camper during the innovation process.
Three laughing girls squeeze a nitrile glove filled with water over an aluminum baking tray
Children learn 21st-century skills through engaging activities and collaboration.
Three smiling elementary students hold up fans of pretend money made of yellow paper
Children put on their entrepreneurial hats and code robots to turn a farm into a booming business.

See what some of our parents are saying

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“My son had a great time (better than he expected). He loves sports camps so wasn't sure about a learning camp. But he loved it. Trying to convince his younger sister to go next year!!!”
“My twin girls learned so much at camp. It literally changed how they play with their toys at home and even their perception of the world has changed. Thank you!”
“We also had the opportunity to have an Inductee to the National Inventors Hall of Fame come visit and the kids LOVED it! Dr. Iver Anderson was great with the kids, worked with them on projects, and was a highlight for our week.”
“My son had a wonderful experience. He was very nervous when I dropped him off and when I picked him up the first day he said, "That rocked! I can't wait for tomorrow!" At the conclusion of camp, he was already planning to go again next year.”
“My daughter was very nervous to go; she tends to be introverted in crowds. She couldn't wait to go back the next day. And didn't want it to end. She can't wait until next year!”

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