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The National Inventors Hall of Fame® honors the visionaries whose patented inventions have changed our world. We rely on a panel of experts in science, technology, engineering and patents to evaluate each Hall of Fame nominee on the following criteria:


Nominees must hold a U.S. patent for an invention that is groundbreaking or a significant advancement in their field.


Nominees’ inventions have been put into widespread use and have improved societal well-being, provided economic benefits to the country and advanced scientific understanding.


The lives of nominees are characterized by inspiring stories demonstrating determination, resourcefulness and challenges overcome.


Nominees are leaders in their fields who understand the importance of developing the next generation of American innovators.

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Please fill out the form below to nominate an inventor to the Hall of Fame. For more information on how to complete this form, please refer to our blog, this video or email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Need more time to gather all the information? Feel free to download our nomination form and email us your responses instead! You can submit a nomination at any time of the year, as we review all nomination forms when selecting each new Inductee class. However, the deadline for the next round of nominations is March 2025.

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Describe the invention, how it works and the problem the invention solved using clear, non-technical language. Tell the story of how the invention came about. (500 word limit)
Explain the originality of the nominee's invention and why it was a significant advancement in its field. Describe any "firsts" or similarly defined breakthroughs associated with the invention. (500 word limit)
Explain how societal well-being has been improved by the invention and cite the significant uses of the invention in daily life. (500 word limit) 
Quantify the economic impact of the invention. Describe the economic benefits stemming from the invention for the inventor's company or institution. Describe the nominee's entrepreneurial activities (if applicable). (500 word limit)
Please provide any pertinent personal or professional information about the nominee. (500 word limit)
Provide CV/resume, nominee's publications, articles that describe the contributions of the nominee and the impact of their invention, letters of support, etc. (100 MB limit)

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