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Hands-on workshops
Research-based strategies
STEM-focused creativity

Customized training for more effective STEM educators

Our workshops deliver practical, research-based and National Inventors Hall of Fame® Inductee–driven strategies to bring greater innovation and creativity into the classroom.

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Better Prepared Educators

We apply more than 25 years of professional development experience to help teachers refine their skills.

More Engaged Students

We’ll show you new and exciting ways to get students engaged in STEM like never before.

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Together, we can promote more effective STEM learning
Our professional development workshops are designed to give educators the tools and strategies they need to prepare their students to excel as the next generation of innovators.


Reinforce educationally sound, evidence-based instructional methods by providing immersive, hands-on experiences and promoting open, safe environments that encourage risk-taking and searching for solutions.


Enhance educators’ STEM knowledge through engagement in scientific inquiry and the engineering design process.


Develop educators’ 21st-century skills in creativity, problem solving, innovation, teamwork, collaboration and the entrepreneurial mindset.


Encourage the transfer of inquiry-based science experiences into educators’ classrooms, including effective strategies for developing creative challenges for students.

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