Integrating Effective Social-Emotional Learning in Your School District

Supporting Students' Well-Being Through Invention Education

Though much has been written about the negative academic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, increasingly, educators and policymakers alike have made it clear that the importance of mental health and social-emotional learning (SEL) cannot be ignored.

Fortunately, the Department of Education (DOE) continues to be a leader on this issue and continues to release extensive guidance on this subject, most recently in the form of a resource titled “Supporting Child and Student Social, Emotional, Behavioral and Mental Health.” The report explains that much like physical health, positive mental health is essential to healthy living. By affecting how we think, act and feel, mental health plays a significant role in how we relate to others, cope with stress and make healthy choices.

This paper unpacks some of the key findings from the substantial DOE report and explores actionable steps that educators can take to promote SEL in their classrooms.

Highlights from this paper include:

  • An explanation of why mental health and SEL are especially important for today’s students in response to COVID-19-related challenges and hardships
  • A list of concrete steps from the DOE that educators can use to implement an integrated SEL framework
  • A look at how invention education curricula can authentically promote mental health and SEL through collaboration and hands-on activities

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