Inventive Solutions for Uncertain Learning Environments

How Flexible Learning Solutions Can Help School Administrators Support Their Students and Teachers

Teachers are tired. When 2022 began, the optimism many school district administrators once had for a more normal academic year was hampered by the challenges of a new variant and an associated uptick in COVID-19 infections across the country. In addition to health and safety risks for school communities, this surge brought a logistical nightmare for school leaders seeking to provide the best possible education for their students.

School district administrators nationwide face seemingly impossible questions: What can they do to immediately support their students and teachers, and what steps can they take to navigate continued pandemic-related challenges?

This paper explores the steps that district administrators can take today to implement engaging academic solutions to help both students and teachers thrive during times of uncertainty.

Highlights from this paper include:

  • Three proven steps that educators can implement as classroom strategies during times of ambiguity.
  • An exploration of the benefits of social-emotional learning from Miguel Cardona, U.S. secretary of education.
  • A three-in-one educational solution from the National Inventors Hall of Fame® that gives students and educators the tools they need to succeed now and throughout these unpredictable times.

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