White Paper - Essential 21st-Century Skills for a Post-Pandemic World

Essential 21st-Century Skills for a Post-Pandemic World

Crucial 21st-Century Skills for a Post-Pandemic World

Due to the unprecedented disruptions from COVID-19, educators and parents have been forced to rethink traditional educational strategies. Gone are many structured in-person classes, and in their place, schools all over the country have turned to virtual and blended learning strategies.

This sudden transition has been difficult for everyone involved. Fortunately, educators can find inspiration in 21st-century skills – a set of competencies identified by educators, administrators and employers as essential to thriving in our rapidly changing world.

This white paper explores a few of these skills and discusses why they will be increasingly essential for students to develop in response to our new COVID-19 reality. Highlights include:

  • Best practices for teaching critical thinking, collaboration and adaptability skills in our challenging environment.
  •  An exploration into why a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work in virtual and blending learning environments.
  • How an Innovation Mindset prepares students for the future.

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