The Power of Intellectual Property Triangulation

How the Inventors of the Post-it Note Protected Their Invention

Often, in order to make the greatest impact, when an individual or team of innovators discovers a solution to a problem, they will begin the process of marketing their invention as a product. To maximize the protection of a great idea, it is wise to apply for multiple types of patents and trademarks, to both build brand recognition and create more overall value.

An Intellectual Property Triangulation strategy takes this to heart, and when applicable, advises inventors to earn a design patent, a utility patent and a trademark on their invention. This white paper explores how National Inventors Hall of Fame® Inductees Spencer Silver and Art Fry, who invented the Post-it® Note, used Intellectual Property Triangulation while developing their iconic product.

Highlights of this paper include: 

  • The fascinating story of how Silver and Fry teamed up to invent the Post-it Note, and how the product became one of the most successful office supply products in history.
  • An analysis of how the Post-it Note’s development involved Intellectual Property Triangulation.
  • An explanation of how intellectual property incentivizes innovation. 

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