White paper - How to Prepare the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

How to Prepare the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Developing Skills for Entrepreneurial Thinking

The world is changing. With the creation of new businesses and technologies has come a need for an intelligent workforce with the ability to innovate. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, this type of education does not always take place in the classroom. To prepare our students to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, it is essential that we help them develop skill sets that embrace creativity, risk and ambiguity.

This paper highlights how you can incorporate entrepreneurial thinking in your own teaching and includes:

 • Research identifying the best ways to get students interested in entrepreneurship at a young age.
 • Lessons from National Inventors Hall of Fame® Inductees Sumita Mitra and Steve Sasson regarding the invention process.
 • Ways to make the most of your school’s makerspace.

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