The Benefits of STEM Education at the Preschool Level

How To Encourage Preschool STEM Exploration Through the Power of Play

Curiosity is at the heart of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning and innovation. Due to their innate curiosity, preschoolers are well suited to explore these topics. To ensure the highest quality education for children in this age range, a high level of engagement is crucial. Research has shown that when we embrace the power of play and pair it with other active learning strategies, we can enhance engagement and enable preschool-aged students to both comprehend and apply problem-solving techniques.

This paper explains why preschool-aged children are effective STEM learners, and details the benefits of beginning this type of innovative education at an early age. Highlights include:

  • The developmental reasons why preschool-aged students are well suited for STEM learning.
  • Research from Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman on the importance of investing early in a child’s education.
  • A description of the four different types of play and why each is essential to preschool STEM education.

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