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STEM Learning Resources for Any Learning Environment

Keep your students engaged with these hands-on STEM activities

Our STEM Handbook is a great resource filled with free and accessible activities for educators to use in the classroom. It also can be used to provide to parents to use for at-home STEM fun. Best of all, these activities embrace social-emotional learning (SEL) principles and allow children to tap into their natural curiosity through the act of play.

Learning Activities - Turn Your Classroom into a Collaborative Creative Space

Explore Aviation

DIY STEM & Sweet Treat

Duct Tape Millionaire

Wildlife Engineering

Inductee-Inspired Activities
These fun activities are a great way for students to unwind and learn more about our inspirational Inductees.
Discover Innovative Role Models
Encourage students to take our Innovation Icon quiz to find out which heroic inventor is most like them. Then, take on challenges that can unlock their own innovative superpowers!

Explore the History of American Innovation

NIHF is committed to sharing the stories of world-changing inventors — stories of perseverance, ingenuity and overcoming obstacles in challenging times.

Let us help your innovative students learn valuable lessons and discover limitless inspiration.