Building the I Can Invent Mindset Through Real-World Lessons From Inventors

How to Inspire Your Students Using Stories of World-Changing Hall of Fame Inductees

To best prepare today’s students for the future, at the National Inventors Hall of Fame® we believe that it is essential to help equip them with a mindset that embraces change and helps untangle complex problems. It’s for this reason that all of our education programs are developed using what we call the I Can Invent® Mindset, nine skills and attributes that have proven over time to inspire and promote creativity.

This white paper unpacks three components of the I Can Invent Mindset using three National Inventors Hall of Fame stories that represent each one.

Highlights include:

  • How Hall of Fame Inductee Luis von Ahn used design thinking to create solutions to benefit the millions of people who benefit from his creations
  • The story of how Hall of Fame Inductee Jacqueline Quinn fell in love with science, and the reason why the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields continue to move society forward
  • Why Hall of Fame Inductees Lisa Lindhal, Hinda Miller and Polly Smith relied on collaboration and each other’s unique skill sets to invent the world’s first sports bra

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