White paper - Stopping Summer Slide

How to Reduce Summer Learning Loss

How to Reduce Summer Learning Loss

When teachers and students return to school after a long summer break, rarely do educators have the chance to introduce new material. Instead, due to “summer slide,” or the loss of learning that transpires over these months, according to the Brookings Institute, on average a total of one month of reteaching time is required to ensure that students are up to speed.

For disadvantaged students who may not have access to educational resources over the summer, the effects of summer slide are even greater. This white paper explores solutions to preventing learning loss that occurs over the summer months and provides educators with suggestions for using Title I resources to fund proven methods of summer enrichment.

Highlights of this paper include:

  • An analysis of leading summer slide research, including the paradigm-shifting “Faucet Theory.”
  • An explanation of the recent changes to the Every Student Succeeds Act, and how to tell if an educational program will qualify for Title I resources.
  • Research from Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman detailing the importance of early educational investment in a child’s life.

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