Hybrid Learning in a Time of Uncertainty

How Blended Learning Can Support Students in School and at Home

The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has continued to make the lives of students, parents and educators more difficult. For district administrators looking to account for this unpredictability, developing blended learning plans, which can adapt to both in-school and at-home settings, is very helpful.

Schools across the country have learned from their first remote learning experiences in the spring of 2020. Difficulties such as unequal technological access, financial constraints and a lack of proper preparation can now be accounted for, as districts continue to plan for all contingencies.

This paper explores how schools across the country can prepare for uncertain learning environments. Highlights include:

  • Helpful ways to boost student engagement in online learning settings.
  • Tips for developing strong learning communities.
  • Why blended learning programs are ideal for our unpredictable environment.

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