6 Inventors Who Have Shaped the Holiday Season

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6 Inventors Who Have Shaped the Holiday Season

The winter holidays might very well be the most wonderful time of the year — and they might also be the most innovative. As we all indulge in wintertime fun, we should also take a moment to acknowledge some of the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) Inductees whose inventions have helped to make this season so magical.  

  1. Samuel Leeds Allen
    There might be no better way to enjoy a fresh blanket of snow than to race downhill on a Flexible Flyer sled. NIHF Hall of Famer Samuel Leeds Allen  patented this classic sled in 1889. With a pair of flexible, T-shaped runners, it’s designed to be easy for riders to control.
  2. Joshua Lionel Cowen
    For many of us, Inductee Joshua Lionel Cowen’s toy trains are emblematic of the holidays. Whether you’re giving a train as a gift or using one to decorate your home this year, you can thank Cowen for inventing model railroads in the early 20th century.
  3. Ralph Baer
    Chances are everyone has at least one gamer on their holiday gift shopping list. Released in 1972 by NIHF Inductee Ralph Baer, video games have become so popular that more than 164 million people now play them in the United States alone.
  4. Milton Bradley
    Of course, video games aren’t the only games that make great holiday gifts. Board games come in a seemingly endless variety and were popularized in large part thanks to Hall of Famer Milton Bradley, who founded the Milton Bradley Co. in 1860.
  5. Richard Drew
    No matter what gifts you might be giving this holiday season, you’re going to need some adhesive tape when you wrap them. The next time you reach for some, thank NIHF Inductee Richard Drew — he invented the transparent Scotch® cellophane tape in 1925.
  6. Ruth Benerito
    Are you ready to celebrate? As you put on a favorite outfit, you might be wearing wrinkle-free cotton, invented by Hall of Famer Ruth Benerito. In 1958, she began working on a treatment to prevent creases in cotton, and her work helped keep the cotton industry going.


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