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Inspiring Role Models for Young Leaders

To build confidence in our dreams, we must first believe that they are possible. At the National Inventors Hall of Fame®, we know that role models empower us all to set big goals and follow our curiosities.

Students in grades 7-9 who take part in our Leaders-In-Training (LIT) program are introduced to world-changing role models – our Hall of Famers! As an LIT, you also can be a positive role model to the K-6 Camp Invention® campers as you guide them through high-energy STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) experiences and encourage their innovative ideas.

Read below to understand how role models have inspired our Hall of Famers and to uncover a few awesome innovators who will motivate you to be the best role model you can be!


What Do Hall of Famers Say About Role Models?

Many of the world’s great inventors were not born with a passion for invention, and they certainly weren’t born with a big idea or the answer to a major problem. Chances are that their innovative thinking was inspired by role models in their lives.

From parents to teachers to famous inventors, role models are all around us. We can see this in how our Hall of Famers speak about those who motivated them.


Role models motivate you to take on challenges and inspire others.

“I learned from my parents. My parents were very much into education, so I was inspired by my parents to go to school, get an advanced degree. I've always kind of felt if there's anything I can do to inspire a child to become an inventor, then I've accomplished something.”
Alois Langer, inventor of the implantable heart defibrillator


Role models help you believe that you can create a brighter future.

“Should inventors be icons and heroes for a younger generation? The answer is yes because almost anything we touch today, all the comforts of life, better health, better transportation, communication, the internet, everything we do, the planes we fly in, were all created by inventors. That is what makes life comfortable and livable.”
Arogyaswami Paulraj, inventor of MIMO wireless technology


Role models remind you that you are capable as you are.

“What was remarkable about my childhood was that I had such supportive parents who never discouraged me from having ambition. They never told me that girls weren’t supposed to go into chemistry.”
Gertrude Elion, inventor of anti-leukemia drugs


How Do We Promote Role Models at Camp Invention?

In every National Inventors Hall of Fame education program, we want kids to believe they can change the world. So, throughout every experience, we integrate insights and encouragement from those who have already changed the world — our Hall of Famers.

The stories and lessons of these confident creators show that you are capable of achieving awesome feats too. As you continue your innovative journey, be sure to seek out mentors and role models who will encourage you to keep dreaming big while you also serve as a positive role model to those around you!


Inspire Campers This Summer

You can help fuel the dreams of campers this summer as an LIT at Camp Invention. Not registered yet? Secure your spot now when you sign up to become an LIT at a camp near you!

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