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Explore the July Star Signs of Awesome Hall of Famers

Astrology was once considered a science closely connected to astronomy – the study of what lies beyond our planet, including space and celestial objects. Scientists of early times thought that by charting the skies and watching the movement of constellations, they could use astrology to help them predict various aspects of daily life, from an individual’s personality to upcoming natural disasters.

Modern science, of course, tells us that our fate is not written in the stars. However, many individuals still find it interesting to see what ancient predications might have to say about our lives. If you fall into this category, you are likely familiar with the 12 zodiac signs (or star signs), which are named after their respective constellations and assigned based on our birthdays.

July star signs include Cancer and Leo, each with its own list of associated characteristics. If your birthday happens to fall in July, you share one of these star signs with some of the legendary innovators below, each of whom has been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame®. Read on to check them out!



In Latin, Cancer is a term for “crab,” and a crab symbol is often used to represent this star sign. Cancers are said to be nurturing and intuitive. If you were born between June 21 and July 22, you share a sign with these empathetic innovators:


Nils I. Bohlin

Born July 17, 1920, Nils Bohlin invented the three-point safety belt for automobiles. Before becoming the first safety engineering for Volvo in 1958, Bohlin learned of the effects of high-speed crashes on the human body through his time in the aerospace industry. He also knew the limitations of the difficult and uncomfortable restraint devices of the time. His lifesaving safety belt was so simple that a person could buckle up with one hand, and it proved effective in restraining the body in high-speed crashes, preventing ejection.


Richard Gurley Drew

Richard Gurley Drew was born in Minnesota on June 22, 1899. He was the inventor of both masking tape and transparent cellophane tape – the first modern pressure-sensitive tapes. Drew understood that automakers struggled to mask car parts, as removing tape would peel off the paint, so he devised a tape of his own using cabinetmaker’s glue and treated crepe paper. Automakers immediately began placing orders, and the tape was marketed as Scotch® masking tape in 1925. Five years later, Drew developed the transparent Scotch cellophane tape that became a popular tool for repairing everyday items during the Great Depression.


Robert S. Ledley

Born June 28, 1926, Robert Ledley made great strides in the medical field when he invented the whole-body CT (computerized tomographic) diagnostic X-ray scanner. His work established the basic design for modern CT scanners and revolutionized diagnostic medicine by enabling medical imaging and 3D reconstructions using CT in radiation therapy planning and in the diagnosis of bone diseases.



In Latin, Leo means “lion,” and this sign is often represented with a lion’s head. People born between July 23 and Aug. 22 are said to be confident and strong leaders – like these inspiring Leo Hall of Famers:


Harriet W.R. Strong

Born July 23, 1844, Harriet Strong patented a system of dams and reservoirs for water storage and flood control. Water in a lower basin would act as a brace for the dams above, allowing for water to remain collected until needed. It was her work with water irrigation and conservation that contributed to Southern California becoming a major agricultural region. The well-known Hoover Dam and the All-American Canal were both based on Strong’s pioneering work.


Howard S. Jones Jr.

Howard Jones Jr. was born Aug. 18, 1921. Jones invented the conformal antenna, with applications in rockets, missiles and spacecraft, expanding U.S. defense systems. The conformal antenna reduced the problem of drag during flight, improved electrical performance, and reduced both the weight and cost of the structures they enhanced. Impacts of his innovation remain to this day.


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