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Bring 3 Nostalgic Memories to Life This Summer

Summertime is ideal for outdoor exploration and screen-free fun! Think back to your own childhood and remember the joy of being outside with friends and learning about the world around you. Not only does this time build lasting memories, but it’s also a great way for your child to practice STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning. By encouraging your child to engage in experimentation and guided play, your family can share meaningful learning experiences right in your own backyard!

To help spark your child’s creativity while getting them outside and active, check out this list of nostalgic activities to try this summer.


Set Up a Mock Drive-in Movie

Watching a movie is always a nice way to wind down and bond with the family, but a drive-in movie feels so much more special! While you might not have a local outdoor theater near your home, your family can create your own. Set up a projector, stream a favorite film from your own childhood and grab plenty of blankets and popcorn. Share your favorite movie treats and traditions with your kid, then make new ones together.

For added STEM learning, talk to your child about movie technology advancements over time, thanks to the incredible minds of Hall of Famers like Walt Disney, Charles Jenkins and Thomas J. Armat. Discuss how your viewing experience would look today without modern technology and challenge your child to come up with their own ideas for improving your next movie marathon.


Pitch a Tent for Backyard Camping

You don’t have to go far for an enjoyable family camping experience. Young explorers will get a kick out of sleeping under the stars and having an up-close look at the nature around them – even if it’s right outside your home.

Amp up the learning by practicing astronomy when observing constellations and space objects in the night sky or familiarize yourself with the local ecosystem by identifying animals, insects and flowers spotted from your tent. Above all, grow closer as a family while setting up camp, telling stories, making s’mores and finding a new appreciation for the great outdoors!


Cool Off With Retro Water Games

The heat can be brutal in summertime, but that shouldn’t stop your fun in the sun! Get ready to throw on some SPF and cool down with classic water games. You can introduce your child to your own favorite childhood activities or work together to come up with new ways to play.

Bring in STEM learning by exploring reflection and refraction of light while creating misty rainbows using water hoses, or break out the super popular Super Soaker® and invite your child to make up rules to their own game to build creativity, communication skills and innovative thinking.

This is also a great opportunity to introduce relatable STEM role models. Did you know that the Super Soaker was invented by our very own Hall of Famer, Lonnie Johnson? It’s true! An awesome engineer and entrepreneur, Johnson’s longtime research focuses on energy technology, and his work on an environmentally friendly heat pump is what inspired his well-known toy.


Secure Their Spot at Camp Invention

Discover more ideas for retro summer fun with our blog. Then, help your child create new summer memories by signing them up for Camp Invention®, where we combine hands-on STEM learning and big fun with friends!

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