Build the Farm of the Future in Camp Invention’s Farm Tech

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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Build the Farm of the Future in Camp Invention’s Farm Tech

This summer, Camp Invention® participants plant the seeds of a more innovative future! One of four exciting challenges in our all-new 2019 Supercharged™ program, Farm Tech™ helps children develop entrepreneurial and creative problem-solving skills as they program robots and develop invention prototypes.

Read on to learn more about how Farm Tech can help your child build confidence and creativity as they explore the business of farming.

Enjoying Hands-On Activities

The Farm Tech module challenges campers to turn a polluted wasteland into lush, green farmland. As they work to design an innovative, high-tech farm, they build prototypes of devices to prepare the soil, pollinate their crops and launch bales of hay. They’ll even perform mock DNA experiments to check the health of their cattle.

To encourage their entrepreneurial spirit, Farm Tech also shows campers how they can take on the business side of the farm — keeping it financially fit so they can maximize their time and profit.

Throughout each Farm Tech activity, children build fundamental coding skills by working with a robot called Bot-ANN-E (inspired by botany, the study of plants). ANN-E stands for Automated Nature Nurturing Equipment. Children have a great time programming ANN-E to hatch an egg, plant seeds with an attached seeder, corral pigs in a pen and cash in all the “moola” they’ve earned on the farm.

Take a look at our Farm Tech activities in action!

Farm Tech Module Video

Learning Lessons from Great Inventors

Only the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) offers a summer camp program that is directly influenced by our world-changing Inductees. This year’s Farm Tech challenge is inspired by NIHF Inductees like NASA environmental engineer Jacqueline Quinn, a 2018 Inductee recognized for co-inventing an environmentally safe clean-up technology known as Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI).

In addition to learning about Jacqueline Quinn, our campers engage in activities inspired by NIHF Inductees such as John Deere, Luther Burbank, Mary Engle Pennington and Samuel Leeds Allen. We invite you to learn more about these dynamic innovators and explore the stories of more of our nation’s greatest innovators.

Taking the Fun Home

The fun of Farm Tech won’t stop when the program ends. Your child returns home with four invention prototypes — a soil cleaning device, a pollination drone, a hay bale launcher and a protective device for farm animals. Plus, they’ll take home some “moola,” so they can continue their business ventures long after the program week wraps up.

Register for Camp Invention Today

You won’t want your child to miss out on Farm Tech and all of the other exciting, hands-on activities in this year’s Supercharged Camp Invention program. Visit our website to find a location near you and register your child today!

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