FAQs For Educators

FAQs for Educators

Find answers to educators’ most frequently asked questions.

The Camp Invention program can be hosted at any local school, university or community center. Each summer, the program is hosted at more than 1,500 locations nationwide.

Stipends are provided for local educators to lead and direct the Camp Invention program. All background information and step-by-step instructions are provided to ensure the success of any professional educator. With an inquiry-based approach, Camp Invention curricula provide a unique professional development opportunity for educators.

The Camp Invention program upholds a 1:8 program team-to-child ratio. Staffing levels are based on enrollment, ranging from five to 17 program team members.

Typically, the program runs for five days (usually Monday through Friday) for 6.5 hours each day. However, Camp Invention schedules and curricula are easily modified to accommodate four-day and half-day schedules if a five-day program is not feasible. The National Inventors Hall of Fame continues to produce new curricula each year, so multiple weeks of programming are also easily accommodated.

Through our parent-paid tuition model, there is no cost to the host school or organization. Host sites need only provide the space — five classrooms and a multipurpose room — and the National Inventors Hall of Fame home office provides everything else. Many Title I schools/districts and 21st Century Community Learning Centers use their federal funds to provide the program to their students when the parent-paid model is not an option. In addition, the National Inventors Hall of Fame partners with corporate and nonprofit foundations, through grants, to provide funding so underserved children can participate in the Camp Invention program.

The Camp Invention program is an all-inclusive, turnkey program. The National Inventors Hall of Fame home office provides the curricula, materials, T-shirts for participants and staff, flyers, posters, banners, training, program team compensation and step-by-step instructions to ensure ease of operation and a quality experience for all. Even the registrations and payments are handled completely by the home office.

The key is to act now — the sooner you get started, the more time you’ll have to ensure your program’s success. The first step is as easy as selecting a week and location and contacting the National Inventors Hall of Fame home office at 800-968-4332. A Regional Representative will contact you and walk you through the process — every step of the way.

Nearly two decades ago, Camp Invention® began formally measuring its impact. During this time, multiple independent evaluations have confirmed both the short- and long-term benefits of our Camp Invention program. Learn more here.