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Introducing Kids to Engineering Jobs

Trends in STEM

Observed on the first Wednesday of every August, Professional Engineers Day acknowledges engineers across the U.S. who have made a commitment to protect public health, safety and welfare. This national holiday raises awareness about what it means to be a professional engineer and show appreciation for the work they do every day. Celebrate this day by learning about careers in engineering, and ways to help your child envision working in this field.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment in architecture and engineering occupations is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations from 2022 to 2032. This kind of growth provides tremendous opportunities for young people looking to pursue a future in engineering. Related careers can span the range of STEM and include professional roles in chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Discover below how to introduce kids to engineering jobs and make connections to ignite new interests!


Explore a Future in Engineering

DoD STEM, presented by the Department of Defense, is inspiring the next generation of STEM professionals through hands-on learning opportunities, professional development and local resources.

People in these fields use science and math to design and build solutions to complex problems. These solutions can range from small conveniences, like rotating a phone screen when it’s turned sideways, to large-scale improvements, like making airplanes more fuel efficient and reducing their environmental impact.

Thanks to DoD STEM, you can easily explore a wide variety of careers in engineering and learn more about the role of professional engineers.


For the Kid Who Is Interested in Technology

If your child is tech-savvy, you can introduce them to a career as a computer engineer. These electronic experts work with the software and hardware that make computers run. They develop and test different types of technology, ensuring that it works properly, and they troubleshoot existing problems, fixing errors, designing upgrades and making sure computer systems are running smoothly. A computer engineer may focus on business applications, computer games, security systems or other specialized areas.

Consider searching online to find age-appropriate programming and coding games – many are free, fun and easy!


For the Kid Who Likes to Design and Build

If your child likes to draw, create or construct, talk to them about becoming a civil engineer. These professionals often work for the government, planning, designing and supervising the construction or maintenance of local buildings and infrastructure projects. Their work also can involve developing cities or towns and creating roads, tunnels, dams, airports and bridges. They often work closely with city officials to ensure the safe and productive function of community features.

The next time you take a walk or a drive around your city, have a conversation with your child about the neighborhood characteristics they notice, and tell them about the civil engineers who helped make them happen. You also can introduce them to National Inventors Hall of Fame® Inductees who have made impressive and widespread advancements in civil engineering, like James Buchanan Eads, inventor of American infrastructure and defense; Stanley Macomber, inventor of the open web joist; and James Bogardus, inventor of iron buildings.


For the Kid Who Enjoys Spending Time Outdoors

If your child enjoys exploring the great outdoors, consider introducing them to the career of an environmental engineer. These eco-experts research and cultivate ways to protect and improve the environment. The technology they develop can focus on air pollution, wastewater management, soil quality, water-borne diseases, environmental improvement and so much more. These sustainable stewards help protect plants and animals by enhancing and protecting the habitats in which they live.


For the Kid Who Loves Vehicles That Fly

If your child loves all things aviation, talk to them about becoming an aeronautical engineer. These specialists, also referred to as aerospace engineers, develop, design, test and maintain systems used in helicopters, space shuttles, airplanes, stealth jets and other aircraft. Aeronautical engineers typically focus on a specific part of vehicle construction, such as electrical, structural or software systems.

Consider taking a trip to an air museum near you to get up close to amazing airborne vehicles and learn more about the field of aviation.


For the Kid Who Is Fascinated by Electricity

If your child likes to learn about energy and power, you can teach them about the job of an electrical engineer. These specialists work with power generation involving wiring, lighting and circuitry. This career can focus on developing instruments to measure electricity, improving systems that generate electricity, or simplifying the installations that transmit and use power. Electrical engineers work to improve energy efficiency, which not only saves money, but often provides benefits for both people and the environment.


Discover More

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