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Invention Playground Brings Innovation and Adventure to Preschool

Build a foundation in STEM
Promote open-ended exploration
Enhance innate curiosity and creativity

Inspire even the youngest innovators

According to recent research, early exposure to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) helps child development and builds confidence and familiarity in these concepts.1  As the nation’s only PreK enrichment program inspired by National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) Inductees, the Invention Playground® program engages young minds while providing crucial early exposure to innovation.

Encourage creative thinking

By channeling natural curiosity with fun, innovative curricula, Invention Playground builds creativity and other critical elements of the Invention Process from the start.

Promote lifelong learning

Our program gets preschool-aged children engaged early, so they’ll be more likely to maintain an interest in STEM fields and to apply more innovative thinking to any aspect of their lives.

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Watch our program in action

Discover the Invention Playground units
Pod Pals Cruise the Galaxy™

Intergalactic exploration with fuzzy, funny creatures called Pod Pals challenges children to investigate concepts like gravity as they determine how to build super-tall, super-strong towers. Participants develop creative design skills and help the Pod Pals travel the galaxy by inventing the ultimate spaceship controls and then building and launching spaceships.

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Shake, Rattle and Roll™

Children explore the science of sound using vibrations, sound waves and specialized sound locators — their ears. This unit builds language development skills, illustrates how sound is organized into patterns and gives participants the opportunity to invent musical instruments and sound amplifiers.

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Download Our Shake, Rattle and Roll Alignment Sheet

ZOOM: Where Innovation Begins™

Young learners explore career paths that take them to the depths of the ocean, far into outer space and everywhere in between. Children engage in STEM learning as they discover what it’s like to be a chemist, a veterinarian, an architect and a rocket scientist. 

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Mystery Present™

Children use postcard clues from Auntie Jaz to help them uncover a secret Mystery Present. Through the clues, participants experience different countries and become familiar with the properties of buoyancy, circuitry and the science of bubbles. Each STEM activity links back to Auntie Jaz's world travels and gets children one step closer to the Mystery Present.

Learn more about how this unit aligns with national education standards.
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What can educators expect from Invention Playground?


Our easy-to-follow curriculum is comprised of four units, each possessing their own learning outcomes. Every experience builds on another yet no day is the same.


Units can be purchased as a full set, or individually, based on interest.


Our education team collaborates with world-changing inventors to develop unique STEM-based lesson plans that are tailored to young innovators.


The curriculum is designed to help teachers incorporate open-ended inquiry and scientific investigation into the classroom and guide students through an interactive journey.

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