What Makes Camp Invention Connect Unique

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What Makes Camp Invention Connect Unique

During these unprecedented times, summer learning is more important than ever. However, parents and children may be hesitant to take on more distance learning that requires sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time.

With this in mind, the National Inventors Hall of Fame® has developed Camp Invention Connect™ — a new and unique camp-at-home experience that provides the same kinds of hands-on activities that millions of students have enjoyed in our traditional Camp Invention® program for 30 years.


Camp your way

Camp Invention Connect brings the all-new 2020 Camp Invention program, Elevate, into campers’ homes through four activity kits that encourage open-ended exploration. Because each kit is packed full of materials for an adventure-filled week and includes simple, step-by-step instructions, it’s possible to experience Camp Invention Connect without ever having to turn on a computer.

However, the experience also includes an optional virtual component where Coaches – certified educators – guide groups of participants through each activity kit. These optional sessions occur daily, for one week. In addition to daily virtual instruction, children can also enjoy opportunities to collaborate and brainstorm with each other online.

Because each Camp Invention Connect activity gives children the power of choice, they are truly able to invent and create in any way that they want. Instead of being restricted to learning indoors, our curriculum encourages children to go outside for fresh air, physical activity and unlimited inspiration as they stretch their imaginations and get their ideas flowing.


Make the most of Camp Invention Connect

We want our participants to have the best possible Camp Invention Connect experience, so if you decide to register, we’ve compiled a few tips to help your child be at their innovative best!

  1. Check your email for communications from your Camp Invention Connect Coach. These emails will contain all the details on the daily schedule, links to join virtual collaboration sessions, access to digital materials and more!
  2. Encourage your child to share their ideas and prototypes with friends and family members. This type of collaboration will help them develop a sense of pride and ownership over what they create, and can lead them to come up with new ideas to improve their inventions.
  3. Remind your child that that each day can be completely different! While your child may attend all of our virtual learning opportunities one day, the next they might choose to complete their activities entirely offline.
  4. While invention education is important, so too are breaks that allow your child to recharge their creative batteries. Giving children the agency to take breaks when they need to will help ensure that they remain engaged throughout the day.


Learn more about Camp Invention Connect

To learn more about how Camp Invention Connect can help your child explore their creativity, build confidence and develop an innovation mindset, we invite you to visit our website.

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