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Introducing Elevate: Camp Invention’s Brand New Curriculum for 2020

The National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) is excited to announce Elevate, our all-new program for the 2020 Camp Invention® season! As the product of our 20-month development process led by our team of education experts, we are especially proud of next year’s modules. Read below to find out what your students can look forward to this summer during a fun-filled week at Camp Invention:


Camp Invention Flight Lab™

In this module, children explore principles of flight with the help of their very own take-home robot. By engaging in activities and challenges focused on creative thinking, participants will explore flight concepts using paper planes, gliders, rockets, heliballs and hand-copters. Additionally, campers will build cityscapes using upcycled materials. Because our campers are able to experience the science of flight in a hands-on way, they are more likely to return to school with a renewed enthusiasm for science and its relevance in their everyday lives.


Design Thinking Project™

While participating in Design Thinking Project, children build their confidence and learn to see themselves as capable creators as they transform their ideas into products. By applying an inventor-informed Design Thinking Process, participants collaborate and brainstorm to solve real-world problems. Once a problem is identified, they sketch their idea, build prototypes and design logos. Along the way, campers learn how to protect their creations using the power of intellectual property.


Rescue Squad™

To protect the Earth’s ecosystems, here children are tasked with solving real-world challenges in habitats across the country. To achieve this, they build prototypes, explore energy conservation, learn how to eliminate pollution and protect wildlife. Throughout the week, participants will experiment to clean up polluted water, collaborate to protect vulnerable habitats and learn how parachutes are used to safely transport animals.


Camp Invention Champions™

In this high-energy module, children discover the game-changing inventors behind their favorite sports. Participants will trade inventor playing cards to assemble their own “Innovation Dream Team.” By drawing inspiration from these iconic figures and applying creative problem-solving skills, campers will create their own games and equipment, and design and construct the sports complex of their dreams.


The Camp Invention Difference

Camp Invention is the only nationally recognized kindergarten through sixth-grade nonprofit summer enrichment program directly influenced by world-changing inventors, our NIHF Inductees. Each of our activities cultivates a child’s growth mindset, builds their confidence and encourages them to confront complex problems by inventing creative solutions. By helping students develop 21st-century skills including collaboration, creative problem solving and intellectual property literacy, we help prepare the next generation to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

With programs in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., in 2019 Camp Invention reached 165,000 children nationwide and we’re just getting started. To learn more about next summer’s exciting new curriculum, and to find out how to bring our program to your district, we invite you to visit our website.

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