Camp Invention Connect Offers a New Way to Experience Summer Learning

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Camp Invention Connect Offers a New Way to Experience Summer Learning

At a time when it can be difficult to plan for the future, many parents are grappling with what this upcoming summer looks like for their children. With the understanding that summer break will bring both a reprieve from online schooling and a need to keep their children engaged, parents are likely in search of a program that provides safe and exciting opportunities and something to look forward to that’s affordable for families.

In meeting parents and children where they are in this unprecedented time, we are excited to lead the way with Camp Invention Connect™ — a new and unique camp-at-home experience! Building on 30 years of innovative STEM education for children, Camp Invention Connect uses the foundations of the traditional Camp Invention program to expand its reach and deliver unparalleled hands-on exploration to your doorstep.


What is Camp Invention Connect?

Camp Invention Connect brings the all-new 2020 Camp Invention® program, Elevate, into campers’ homes through four activity kits packed with creative, hands-on materials and step-by-step activity guides designed to encourage independent exploration. Children can enjoy a screen-free, self-led experience, or they can access supplemental digital content and join optional collaboration sessions online with their Coach and fellow campers. Regardless of how participants choose to experience the program, we make sure that screen time and the need for parental involvement are kept to a minimum, while imagination and creativity are limitless.

While the in-person experience of Camp Invention can’t be replaced, Camp Invention Connect is committed to offering participants fun, high-energy challenges at home. Each day includes opportunities for physical activity, so children can get outside and get active while stretching their imaginations.


How does it work?

Four thematic kits containing all the materials and instructions for a week of fun activities are sent directly to participants’ homes. These kits are packed full of items designed to bring four distinct learning modules to life, challenging children to explore, create and use inventive thinking.

An optional virtual component of the program allows Coaches — the educators behind traditional Camp Invention instruction — to guide groups of participants each day. Mornings will begin with a brief kickoff where Coaches introduce the day’s activities and give participants the chance to get to know one another. Children then go offline and get creative, using their kits to complete exciting projects. Coaches are available at set times to connect with them for troubleshooting, brainstorming and collaboration.

At the end of the week, participants can share their work with their fellow inventors and celebrate with friends all they accomplished throughout their experience.


Where can I find out more?

Parents and educators who would like to learn more about Camp Invention Connect can visit our website. To sign up, access our registration page and enjoy a $15 savings with promo code ELEVATE15, now through June 30.

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