Set Sail in Camp Invention’s Deep Sea Mystery

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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Set Sail in Camp Invention’s Deep Sea Mystery

This summer, Camp Invention® participants embark on an adventure at sea and work together to uncover secrets hidden deep beneath the water’s surface. As one of four engaging challenges in our brand new 2019 Supercharged™ program, Deep Sea Mystery™ tasks children to design and create island-survival tools and underwater equipment used to better study marine life.

Read below to discover how Deep Sea Mystery can help your child develop their collaboration and creative problem-solving skills as they explore uncharted waters.

Enjoying Hands-On Activities

Our Deep Sea Mystery module places children on an exciting research expedition, where they must discover clever ways to overcome adversity after high winds damage their navigation equipment. Campers must work together to design island-survival tools, and then fix their ship in order to continue their mission.

Along the way, students will find a mysterious fossil, and over the course of their one-week journey, will find out if their “fossil” might still be swimming amongst other sea creatures in the ocean depths. To find out for sure, they will create innovative underwater equipment that will allow them to investigate the ocean’s seldom-explored twilight zone.

Throughout each Deep Sea Mystery activity, children will build valuable problem-solving skills and learn how to adapt to unexpected situations. This ability to invent novel solutions to challenging problems will serve students well as they prepare themselves for a world that continues to evolve at an ever-increasing rate.

Take a look at our Deep Sea Mystery activities in action!

Watch Module Video

Learning Lessons from Great Inventors

Only the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) offers a summer camp program that is directly influenced by world-changing Inventors. The Deep Sea Mystery challenges are inspired by Stan Honey, a 2018 Inductee who revolutionized the field of sports television graphics and made important contributions to navigation and tracking technology.

In addition to learning about Stan Honey, our campers also receive guidance from 2018 NIHF Inductee Sumita Mitra, who invented revolutionary nanocomposite dental materials. She helps campers analyze and uncover the origins of a mysterious fossil. We invite you to learn more about all our Inductees by visiting our website

Taking the Fun Home

The fun of Deep Sea Mystery doesn’t stop when the program ends. Your child will come home with three invention prototypes: an island-survival tool, a miniature sailboat and customized underwater research equipment. They will also bring home their very own fossil!

Register for Camp Invention Today

You won’t want your child to miss out on Deep Sea Mystery and all of the other exciting, hands-on activities in this year’s Supercharged Camp Invention program. Visit our website to find a location near you and register your child today.

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