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50 Years of Innovation: Uplifting Community

“You have to stand on somebody’s shoulder before you can see far. And so, it’s very important that I have a strong shoulder for others to stand on, so they can see far, and they can do greater things.”
— National Inventors Hall of Fame® Inductee Victor Lawrence, inventor of signal processing in telecommunications

Since 1973, the National Inventors Hall of Fame has proudly connected generations of innovators. By partnering with generous supporters and dedicated educators to provide young innovators with inspiring experiences and resources, we continue to build communities of creators and innovators who have the potential to change the world.

As we celebrate the Hall of Fame’s 50th anniversary, we invite you to learn more about empowering the emerging innovators who will build a brighter future for us all.


Empathy in Innovation

The mission of the National Inventors Hall of Fame is to recognize inventors, promote creativity, and advance the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Everything we do is directly influenced by our more than 600 Inductees – inventors whose patents, passion and perseverance have contributed significantly to the progress of society.

Dr. Patricia Bath is just one National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductee who was driven by a desire to improve life for others. The inventor of laserphaco cataract surgery, Bath documented that Black patients had double the rate of glaucoma, and that the prevalence of blindness among Black patients was due to a lack of access to ophthalmic care. In response, in 1976 she proposed the discipline of Community Ophthalmology, combining public health, community medicine, and clinical and daycare programs to test vision and screen for eye conditions in historically underserved communities.

By introducing children across the country to innovative role models like Bath and her fellow Hall of Fame Inductees, we can help promote the importance of empathy and the power of invention to change lives.

Said Inductee R. Rox Anderson, the inventor of laser dermatology who has established charitable medical treatment facilities in several countries, “My greatest pleasure is knowing that I've really helped somebody else. And who is the somebody else? It could be anyone.”


Investing in the Future

It takes the contributions of educators, families and philanthropic partners nationwide to deliver the lessons and stories of our Inductees through hands-on invention education programs including Camp Invention® and Invention Project®.

From large city school districts to small classrooms in rural communities, our supporters make it possible for kids across the country to join in collaborative, confidence-building experiences designed to help them become the groundbreakers and changemakers of tomorrow.

“Bringing together different age group campers with middle and high school counselors and Instructors is such a meaningful opportunity to extend community building and remind kids of all who support and care about them. It is definitely a special opportunity for everyone to shine!”
— Kimberly O., Educator, Hampton, NH

“I was a volunteer and loved the community these kids became, all coming from different schools! We plan on being an active part of Camp Invention for years to come.”
— Chelsy S., Camp Invention parent, Moss Bluff, LA

“[My child] has absolutely thrived at Camp Invention over the years! This program is essential to building confident, bright future scientists in our community.”
— Tara H., Camp Invention parent, Choctaw, OK

“My daughter is very excited about the idea of inventing new things and that her inventions could eventually solve world problems.”
— Joel B., Camp Invention parent, Fishers, IN

“Every day, both of my children came home with the most wonderful stories, and I was so impressed hearing all the creative ways they were learning about entrepreneurship, problem solving and so much more. I am convinced that teaching our next generation of leaders these concepts and instilling these tools in them so young will make our world better.”
— Deena M., Camp Invention parent, Bellingham, FL

Contribute to the Next 50 Years of Innovation

Your donation to the National Inventors Hall of Fame gives meaningful opportunities to children, educators and emerging inventors. You can direct your support to the cause you value most, from providing scholarships for STEM education programs to funding hands-on learning materials.

Visit our website to make a one-time contribution or provide steady support by selecting a monthly donation.

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