Parent Resource Center

Parent Resource Center


Find a program near you and register online today! Do you need to complete a paper registration? The below physical Registration Form can also be completed and mailed to:

National Inventors Hall of Fame
Attn: Customer Relations
3701 Highland Park St. NW
North Canton, OH 44720

What to prepare

Get your young inventor ready to go on a scavenger hunt for fun recyclables around the house! These shareable items are used at your program for prototyping throughout the week. You’ll also need to prepare a lunch, drink and snack each day (unless notified otherwise), and complete any medication information on the below form for the first day.

Leaders-in-Training Registration

7th–9th grade

Our Camp Invention Leaders-in-Training program helps children develop leadership and goal-setting skills.


Once camp starts, check back to see what your child is up to with our Camp Invention Daily! Our curriculum is designed to be progressive and flexible, so if your program runs shorter or longer than 5 days, not to worry, the same content covered in our newsletter is always incorporated to fit a variety of local schedules. (Locations that are not running Elevate will receive an alternative newsletter from their Director during the program week.)

Elevate Day 1

Elevate Day 1 (Spanish)

Elevate Day 2

Elevate Day 2 (Spanish)

Elevate Day 3

Elevate Day 3 (Spanish)

Elevate Day 4

Elevate Day 4 (Spanish)

Elevate Day 5

Elevate Day 5 (Spanish)

Additional Resources

See our registration Terms & Conditions and FAQ page for more information about our programs.