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A Word From the CEO

Camp Invention is Adapting to Fit Your Needs

As these unprecedented times bring about rapid changes and challenges, just like you, we at the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) are doing our best to adapt and approach each challenge with ingenuity and optimism.

For 30 years, NIHF has inspired millions of students across the country through Camp Invention®, our flagship K-6 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) summer program.

In addition to featuring lessons directly inspired by our world-changing NIHF Inductees, what makes Camp Invention so special is that each summer’s curriculum is different. Thanks to our team of education experts, children who return to camp year after year will experience brand-new activities designed to cultivate their creative problem-solving skills.

Because the proven benefits of Camp Invention occur when students and certified local teachers collaborate in person, we are doing everything we can to keep local camps running. These steps include working closely with districts to push back start dates and ensure camp locations adhere to social distancing and the strictest health and sanitizing guidelines, which Camp Invention has always embraced.

As we continue to work closely with local educators across the country, we are working tirelessly back at headquarters to develop an innovative at-home solution that delivers the hands-on, open-ended exploration at the heart of our educational philosophy. As we have done throughout our history, we will again reinvent ourselves and provide students unable to attend traditional camp with an experience that reimagines distance learning.

In an environment filled with so much uncertainty, your continued trust in our mission to nurture creativity and advance the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship has never been more appreciated. We remain committed to overcoming challenges, delivering unique experiences, and encouraging students and teachers to overcome obstacles like those we face today.

I am privileged to lead a company dedicated to continuous improvement. Inspired by our revolutionary Hall of Famers, icons who rejected the status quo and believed in something greater, we too believe the only limits that exist are those we place on ourselves. 

It is our sincere hope that you and your family embrace this mindset in the coming weeks and months, and together we will emerge even stronger than before.

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