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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with the National Inventors Hall of Fame

Trends in STEM

Teachers are constantly finding new and exciting ways to inspire, encourage and nurture young minds. To recognize the incredible work they do, we invite you and your child to join the National Inventors Hall of Fame® in celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week by trying out one of the following ideas that are sure to make the teachers in your life feel extra special.


Share Personalized Thanks

Your child can give their teacher a memorable message by downloading and customizing one of our exclusive Teacher Appreciation Thank You Card templates. Encourage your child to choose the one they like best and either print the card, fill in the blanks and deliver it to their teacher, or have fun recording the rhyme and send the video in an email. They can feel free to get creative and personalize their thank you cards or videos in their own special way.

Surprise Them With Lunch

Days can quickly get hectic for teachers. To give them one less thing to plan, give your child’s teacher a gift card for a restaurant close to their school, so they can order lunch or a coffee pick-me-up for delivery on days that are particularly busy. If multiple families want to contribute as a group, you could create a basket of gift certificates for local favorites and surefire hits around town!


Celebrate With a Cameo

Does a teacher in your child’s life have a favorite musician, athlete or actor? Check out Cameo and request for a celebrity to send a personalized teacher appreciation message. Because prices vary, consider teaming up with other families to purchase a video message they won’t soon forget.


Donate Needed Classroom Supplies

Many teachers provide some or most of their own supplies for their classroom, but you can provide some much-needed help by taking notice of supplies that are running low or listening for a teacher to mention classroom items that would be great to have! If you cannot decide what would be a perfect fit for your child’s classroom, you can try a gift card to a location such as Target or Amazon for their teacher to order supplies they need.


Make or Purchase a Sweet Treat

Do you and your child enjoy baking together? Consider whipping up some brownies or a cake for that special teacher in your child’s life. To add elements of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning for your child as they help you in the kitchen, check out one of our STEM blogs covering cookies and caramel sauce, chocolate designs or hot cocoa bombs! If you’re not fond of baking, you can support a local bakery by purchasing their teacher’s favorite dessert.


Thank You to Teachers Everywhere

All of us at the National Inventors Hall of Fame® remain amazed at everything teachers across the country continue to do to inspire, guide and care for their students.

If you plan on celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week or want to shout out an awesome educator, we encourage you to share your ideas with us on our Facebook page.

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