Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with the National Inventors Hall of Fame

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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with the National Inventors Hall of Fame

This year, our nation’s teachers have gone above and beyond to support their students through the COVID-19 pandemic. In recognition of their incredible dedication and hard work, we invite your child to join the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) in celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week by trying out one of the ideas below.


Personalized Thanks

Your child can give their teacher a memorable message by downloading and filling in one of our exclusive Teacher Appreciation Thank You Card templates. Encourage your child to choose the one they like best and either print the card, fill in the blanks and personally deliver it to their teacher, or have fun performing and recording the rhyme as a rap in a video you can send in an email. They can feel free to get creative and customize their thank you cards or videos in their own special way.

Gift Basket

Contact other parents in your child’s class and pool money together to purchase a gift basket. The contents of the basket itself can be customized to fit a certain theme (spa day, movie night, etc.) or could simply be a way to give many different teacher appreciation gifts at one time.



Does a teacher in your child’s life have a favorite musician, athlete or actor? Check out Cameo and request for a celebrity to send a personalized teacher appreciation message. Because prices vary, consider teaming up with other families to purchase a video message they won’t soon forget.


Social Shout-Out

If you happen to follow your child’s teachers on social media, consider tagging them in a post thanking them for their inspiring work throughout the school year. You can also invite your child to add to your social post by writing a personalized message expressing their gratitude.


Sweet Treats

Do you enjoy baking? Consider whipping up some brownies or a cake for that special teacher in your child’s life. Check out Pinterest for decoration ideas, or if you’re not into baking, consider supporting a local bakery and purchasing a sweet treat from them.


Thank You to Teachers Everywhere

All of us at NIHF remain amazed at everything teachers across the country continue to do to inspire, guide and care for their students.

If you plan on celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, we invite you to share your ideas with us on our Facebook page.

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