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STEM Activities

STEM Activity: Candy Creations

Celebrate the creativity of culinary arts with chocolate! This fun activity lets you test your candy chemistry by melting chocolate and drizzling it into a delightful design.


Materials Needed

  • Melting chocolates (or other candy melts)
  • Microwave
  • Microwave-safe dish
  • Paper
  • Pencil or marker
  • Spoon
  • Squirt bottle (such as a honey bottle)
  • Wax paper


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Start with some simple art. You can create your own line drawing, print a basic design or tear an image out of a coloring book.
  2. Work with an adult to melt the chocolate in the microwave.
    • Place the melting chocolates in a microwave-safe dish.
    • Microwave the chocolate for 20 seconds (or the time suggested on the package) and then carefully handle the dish to stir it.
    • Repeat until the chocolates are melted into a smooth, creamy texture.
  3. Place a piece of wax paper over top of your drawing or picture.
  4. Pour the chocolate into the squirt bottle and replace the cap.
  5. Squeeze the melted chocolate onto the wax paper, following the lines of your picture underneath.
  6. Let your creation cool and solidify.
  7. Once it’s completely cool and solid, peel off your designer treat and see how delicious candy art can be!


What Are We Discovering?

Just like combining chocolate and art can give us a fun and tasty treat, inventors often benefit from making unique connections and combinations.

Co-inventors and National Inventors Hall of Fame® Inductees Sylvia Blankenship and Edward Sisler came from different backgrounds but created something great together. Blankenship, a horticulturalist, and Sisler, a biochemist, collaborated to make an amazing invention that helps fruit and flowers stay fresh longer.

Blankenship says, “If somebody has a little bit different expertise, you need to learn how you can benefit each other.” You can check out Blankenship and Sisler’s story right here!


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