What Do Students Learn in a Makerspace?

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What Do Students Learn in a Makerspace?

Makerspaces provide a unique opportunity for students to utilize hands-on, personalized learning to develop science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and entrepreneurial skills. These skillsets provide valuable opportunities to excel in the future, both in personal and professional settings.

What do students learn in a makerspace?

The lessons in a makerspace are based on the curriculum used to ensure the participants get the most out of their maker lab. Makerspace participants follow a structured activity sequence that provides key insights while allowing participants to learn, innovate and create in their own ways.

Lessons learned in a makerspace

When faced with challenges and opportunities in a makerspace, students learn valuable lessons. Students learn that there are many different ways to look at a problem and create a solution – there isn’t just one right way to problem solve. Students also learn how to overcome setbacks and consider failure a new obstacle rather than an ending. Beyond this, students have the opportunity to apply classroom lessons and concepts to real-world problems they’re interested in.

Skills developed a makerspace

Beyond the core lessons gained from the curriculum, participants also learn many of the 21st century skills cited by Forbes as being critical for lifelong success. These skills include flexibility, collaboration, adaptability, oral and written communication, information literacy, technology literacy, productivity, social skills, leadership, initiative, critical thinking, problem solving and more. These in-demand skillsets help to develop young minds for future success. 

Find out how to bring the benefits of a makerspace to your school

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