A Parent’s Guide to Helping their Child Succeed in Science Class

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A Parent’s Guide to Helping their Child Succeed in Science Class

For children (and parents) who might not naturally gravitate toward science, the subject can sometimes be an intimidating one. In more severe cases, students can develop science anxiety, which researchers have shown can impede the ability to learn and retain information. To combat these effects, and help your child develop a more positive mindset toward science learning, check out a few learning strategies below!


1. Develop a Homework Schedule

Homework can often be a source of contention – especially when the assignments are in a subject that a child does not particularly enjoy. One way to diffuse some of this potential tension is to develop a homework schedule at a set time every day. Consider rewarding your child with short breaks following periods of diligent study (using a method like the Pomodoro Technique), and even creating a personalized homework station for your child to use throughout the year. 


2. Demystify Science in the Kitchen 

Given the context of a classroom environment, it can sometimes be easy for students to forget that science is occurring all around them. Because of this perceived lack of relevancy, this might add to a child’s reluctance to perform at their best. To address this concern, parents should walk children over to the kitchen, and provide examples of science in action. Because the act of cooking is by definition a series of chemical reactions, witnessing these changes firsthand can demystify science concepts.


3. Introduce Inspiring STEM role models

According to research from Opportunity Insights, children who are introduced to innovation at an early age are more likely to innovate when they become adults. Because of this, establishing a relatable STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) role model during this formative time can help your child develop a passion for these subjects. We invite you and your young innovator to explore our full list of revolutionary National Inventors Hall of Fame® Inductees as a way of showing them what they too can achieve.


Stay Inspired

For more helpful tips on how to help your child succeed throughout the school year, check out our Camp Invention® Facebook page and blog. For more information about the National Inventors Hall of Fame, check out our website.

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