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Infuse Summer Fun With Learning

When children are asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, they often provide sky-is-the-limit kinds of answers, with boundless optimism. An astronaut! A scientist! A marine biologist! A video game designer!

The truth is, these types of careers and countless others are attainable for most kids if they’re presented with the resources and inspiration they need to learn about and maintain an interest in these fields. As kids age, there is a tendency for many to become disinterested in professions related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). This has created a shortage of STEM workers in the United States, presenting immense opportunity for kids who desire and are able to stick with their dreams.

It long has been understood that STEM education can help children build a foundation of innovation, critical thinking, persistence, creativity and essential life skills. Additionally, studies done by the Department of Education show that incorporating STEM into a child’s environment can support social communication, influence how they learn and explore the world, and promote their questioning and problem-solving skills.

When children are engaged in effective STEM learning, they not only can grasp important concepts related to these subjects, but also develop vital skills and traits like confidence and innovative thinking. Plus, when this kind of learning is paired with high-energy, hands-on experiences, kids have fun in exciting new ways while sparking their natural curiosity and finding inspiration to keep pursuing their STEM dreams.


Camp Invention Fosters a Love of Learning During Summertime and Beyond

With an ever-growing number of sports, camps and programs competing for your family’s time and money each summer, your selection of meaningful learning experiences for your child becomes all the more important. Of course, it’s also essential that children enjoy these activities in their time away from school!

When considering how fun and learning can coexist in your child’s summer plans, look to Camp Invention®, the one-of-a-kind STEM camp designed with endless creative adventures for curious kids entering grades K-6.

Camp Invention empowers children through engaging experiences that are proven to have significant long-term effects in the areas of creativity, collaboration and problem solving. Additionally, research has shown that the skills mentioned, in addition to STEM interest, increase more with each summer a child attends. Through fun challenges, campers also are introduced to powerful role models, the world’s greatest inventors. Camp Invention is directly informed and inspired by National Inventors Hall of Fame® Inductees, who demonstrate curiosity, empathy and persistence, and show them the possibilities of sticking with STEM.

The value of presenting STEM concepts and careers in relatable, enjoyable ways is clear. While every child might not have an inclination toward these subjects in the classroom, Camp Invention introduces them in a fresh setting, introducing the concepts through hands-on challenges and adventures. It all adds up to an opportunity unlike any other for kids to explore and experiment.


Even More Benefits

Learn more about the benefits National Inventors Hall of Fame programs can have in your child’s life here.

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