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Celebrating 100 Days of School

The 100th Day of School is almost here! Celebrate this milestone in your classroom with fun and creative hands-on activities your students will love.


Build Using 100

Your students will become engineers as they build a structure using 100 items. Gather common classroom supplies – like cups, crayons or paper clips – and get as creative as you’d like. Challenge your students to use their design thinking skills as they construct a tower with their items. This lesson can be performed by individual students, or you can encourage collaboration by assigning teams.


Accomplishing 100

Inspire your students to achieve 100 things this year! While the number might sound daunting, have your class think about all the things they love to do, from reading and writing, to hanging out with friends, playing sports and spending time outside. Ask them to make a list of these activities, and cross them off as they complete each one this year.


Reading about 100

Reading books related to the 100th day of school with your students is an engaging way to celebrate this occasion with fun stories and tales. Check out this list for inspiration:


Grateful times 100

Research shows that documenting what we are grateful for can help us improve our physical and mental health. Leading up to your 100th day of school, encourage students to jot down the things they’re grateful for, and then provide time as a class to share their lists out loud. Using their ideas, create a collective list of things your students are grateful for and display it in your classroom the rest of the year.


Keep Your Classroom Inspired Beyond 100 Days

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