Celebrating 100 Days of School

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Celebrating 100 Days of School

Are you ready to celebrate the 100th Day of School? Check out the following activities to infuse a little fun and creativity into your in-person or virtual classroom.


The 100 Penny Challenge

In this activity, students use index cards and masking tape to build a tower that can hold 100 pennies! By sketching out their design, prototyping different versions and testing their tower’s performance, they’ll exercise their creative thinking skills! They’ll also build resilience as they create, test and recreate their towering structures. For more information on how to implement this STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activity, check out our blog.


100 Years in the Future

Have children imagine what the world might look like in 100 years. Challenge them to think about transportation, homes, clothing, school and other aspects of their daily life. Have them sketch their ideas and then build prototypes. Encourage children to make a multimedia presentation on their glimpse into the future.


Grateful x 100

Research shows that documenting what we are grateful for has the ability to improve our physical and mental health. Invite your students to design a gratitude journal to record aspects of life for which they are grateful. Challenge them to write down at least three ideas each day and work toward a list of 100 items. Throughout the remainder of the school year, ask for volunteers to share what they have recorded and encourage students to listen for inspiration.


Collecting 100 

Challenge your students to see if they can collect 100 small items to share with the class. Examples might include pieces of candy, crayons, books or sports cards. If children already have collections that they are proud of, invite them to share these as well. Encouraging students to share what they are proud of is a great way to build social-emotional learning skills, such as self-awareness.


100 Seconds 

Take the 100 Seconds of Brainstorming Challenge! Ask children to think of activities they enjoy (e.g., dancing, singing, drawing, shooting hoops or even snapping their fingers) and list as many as they can in 100 seconds. Have each student pick one of these activities (or an action that represents it) to do for 100 seconds. Consider having children complete this multiple times to see if they can improve on their number of actions. This activity is well-suited for group work, as one student can keep time for their partner and then switch. Provide ideas and support to ensure everyone can participate.


How Are You Celebrating the 100th Day of School?

Do you have any special plans for the 100th Day of School? We’d love for you to share what you are up to on our Facebook page.

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