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Partners in STEM

The Benefits of STEM and GEMS

Since 2011, the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) has been proud to partner with the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) to inspire students across the country to pursue their STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) aspirations.

Thanks to this collaboration and generosity from AEOP, our partnership has provided funding to over 10,000 participants in our Camp Invention® program, which has grown from one location to more than 25 sites across the country.

Because Camp Invention’s curriculum is inspired by stories and lessons from NIHF Inductees, participants are likely to identify STEM role models who can help them realize what they too can achieve. Additionally, research has shown that the earlier children are introduced to innovators, the more likely they are to innovate into adulthood. Both NIHF and AEOP understand the importance of STEM in preparing the young innovators of tomorrow, and through our respective education programs, we continue to inspire students to pursue their passion to create.

Continue the STEM journey

For Camp Invention participants eager to continue their STEM journey, the Gains in the Education of Mathematics and Science (GEMS) program represents an ideal opportunity to develop their creative skill sets.

Sponsored by the United States Army, GEMS is an enrichment program for students in grades five through 12 that takes place in cutting-edge Army research laboratories and engineering centers across the country.

By using a multi-disciplinary curriculum, GEMS focuses on age-appropriate, hands-on activities that invoke a sense of excitement and interest in everyone who participates. Highlights include:

  • Working with similarly aged students to explore STEM topics related to U.S. Army research
  • The opportunity to work with college students who are pursuing STEM careers
  • The chance to learn about STEM in a hands-on, lab-based environment
  • Meeting students, teachers, scientists and engineers who work and live in the area


Apply to GEMS today!

Rising 5th through 12th graders who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent legal residents are encouraged to apply for this free opportunity! Additionally, all students who participate in GEMS qualify for an educational stipend ($125 per week) to offset the cost of food or travel expenses. To learn more, we invite you to visit the official GEMS website.

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