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Working from Home This Summer? Our Camp Can Help Keep Your Kiddo Busy!

Lately, more parents than ever before are discovering both the benefits and the challenges of working from home. One of the difficulties parents often encounter is finding a way to keep their children occupied (and even better, keep them active and learning) while they work. If you are looking for a solution to this challenge, Camp Invention At Home might be just what you need.


What is Camp Invention At Home?

This at-home program from the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) takes all the fun and learning families have come to expect from Camp Invention® for more than 30 years and delivers it right to your door.

Every camper receives an Innovator’s Toolkit packed with tons of creative materials (all neatly organized!) and Inventor Logs that provide step-by-step activity instructions. Children are invited to learn and explore with a certified educator Coach and fellow campers in multiple online sessions each day, where they’ll find guidance, encouragement and friendship.

Camp Invention At Home is designed for children in grades kindergarten through sixth. Because it provides them with so many materials and endless inspiration, the fun and engagement can last far beyond the five scheduled program days.


Can This Really Work as an Alternative to Child Care?

According to many parents who have tried it, it can! Of course, it’s important to note that the amount of supervision and assistance parents need to provide will vary from one family to the next.

Here’s what a few parents have said:

“With Camp Invention, 98% of the time, I was hands off. This was so well organized and so well thought out, that it is completely possible for a kid to do this with little to no supervision. And my child is 7, so I know he’s probably even on the younger end of the spectrum. So for the older kids, I would say 100% they can do it on their own.”
— Danielle C., Camp Invention At Home Parent


“My son, who is 9, [...] did everything on his own. And then with my younger one, [...] I was there and I liked helping her – it was a family experience. I think she could have done it [on her own] though, with the Coach’s help. The Coaches were so available to her, that she could have.”
— Gina D., Camp Invention At Home Parent


“Our Camp Invention experience was great! My son enjoyed everything, even opening the box to see what was inside. The amount of materials and instructions given made it easy and fun for him to create and design.”
— Amanda F., Camp Invention At Home Parent


“The content was very organized and easy for a 7-year-old to read and comprehend the concepts with little help from an adult. Online coaching sessions help establish a collaborative environment. My son was super excited from opening the box to trying out all the new experiments every day.”
— Divya R., Camp Invention At Home Parent


“The materials were engaging and fun and at the perfect level for my child to feel confident enough to work independently. I am impressed with how well this program allowed my child to express her creativity!”
— Debbie A., Camp Invention At Home Parent


“Our Camp Invention experience was amazing. The virtual sessions really set us up for success. It was just the right amount of instruction and resource sharing. Our 9-year-old needed almost no help from us afterward. The activity books give simple and clear directions on the parts that help children build their STEM skills.”
 Pete C., Camp Invention At Home Parent


“My daughter and son loved completing the Camp Invention activities and engaging with the other children and Instructor online. Weeks later, they are still busy making, building and bringing their ideas to life!”
— Jennifer S., Camp Invention At Home Parent


Sign Up for a Camp that Works for You

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