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Camp Invention Connect: Unlike Any Virtual Learning Experience

With the end of a challenging school year in sight, it’s time to get ready for summer fun. If you’re looking for a virtual experience that is unlike anything your child has ever participated in, check out Camp Invention Connect!

Perfect for families who need a flexible summer camp experience, Camp Invention Connect features the same action-packed, hands-on activities found in our in-person Camp Invention® program and delivers an Innovator’s Toolkit, packed full of all the creative materials your child will need, straight to your door!

Unlike most virtual learning experiences, Camp Invention Connect features live online sessions with a certified educator and fellow campers, giving your child the opportunity to make real connections as they collaborate and create with friends throughout each day.

Looking for a completely screen-free experience? We can do that, too! Thanks to the step-by-step Inventor Logs included with each activity, your child can also enjoy the program independently. This flexibility allows them to learn at their own pace and continue to enjoy open-ended experiences long after camp is over.

Camp Invention Connect is also designed to encourage outdoor play. When the weather allows, your camper can get outside and get active, sparking their imagination and helping them look to nature to find inspiration for their inventions.


What Are Campers and Parents Saying?

“This was different from our online school because we got to talk to other kids and I didn’t have to just figure things out on my own. It was nice to be led by someone who helped me understand it. There were so many activities and they were really fun. Camp Invention Connect is so cool, it’s my most favorite thing to do in the summer.”
— Lydia, F., Camp Invention Connect Camper


“The materials were engaging and fun and at the perfect level for my child to feel confident enough to work independently. I am impressed with how well this program allowed my child to express her creativity!”
— Debbie A., Camp Invention Connect Parent


“We did a lot of building and I thought that was cool. It makes me feel more confident in building and I feel like I could fix my bike or build something bigger.”
— Reed C., Camp Invention Connect Camper

“My daughter and son loved completing the Camp Invention activities and engaging with the other children and Instructor online. Weeks later, they are still busy making, building and bringing their ideas to life!”
— Jennifer S., Camp Invention Connect Parent

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