Celebrate Valentine’s Day with NIHF

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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with NIHF

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our inspiring National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) Inductees by printing out and sharing our collection of custom-made cards with your friends and family.

Each high-resolution card depicts a U.S. patent drawing from one of our Inductees or Inductee teams, paired with a brief but loving message corresponding to the depicted invention.


Read below to discover all the NIHF Inductees included in the collection:

Bradford Parkinson – Inventor of the Global Positioning System (GPS)
William Bowerman – Inventor the Modern Athletic Shoe
Richard Gurley Drew – Inventor of Adhesive Tape
Steve Sasson – Inventor of the Digital Camera
William Painter – Inventor of the Bottle Cap
Alexander Holley – Inventor of the Steelmaking Process in America
Thomas Seavey Hall – Inventor of Improvement in Electrical Signals
George Westinghouse – Inventor of the Air Brake System
William D. Coolidge – Inventor of the X-Ray
Robert Rines – Inventor of High-Resolution Radar and Sonar
Jaap Haartsen – Inventor of Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Nick Holonyak – Inventor of the LED (light-emitting diode)
Norbert Rillieux – Inventor of Automated Sugar Refining
Helen Blanchard – Inventor of the Zig-Zag Sewing Machine
Thomas Edison – Inventor of the Electric Lamp
Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan – Inventors of Diving Equipment


Celebrate our Inductees year round

For other ways to celebrate our Inductees this Valentine’s Day, we invite you to check out our STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities, including Heart Racer and The Invention Superpower of Empathy. The former invites children to explore heart health, and the latter explores how empathy is key to creating inventions that help as many people as possible.


Share your love of innovation today!

To download and print our collection of free Valentine’s Day cards, we invite you to click here. 

If you are interested in helping more children discover their own love for innovation, check out our brand new Refer a Friend program, where participants have the opportunity to earn unlimited rewards by inviting friends and family to register for our flagship summer STEM experience, Camp Invention®.

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