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Save Now on Our STEM Activity Kits

Since our I Can Invent® series of Innovation Exploration Kits debuted earlier this summer, thousands of children across the country have enjoyed exploring fascinating topics like coding, reverse engineering and prototyping. Each kit in the series provides a fresh and fun set of hands-on activities that help children build confidence in their creativity and develop a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Additionally, each kit is packed full of materials that offer unlimited hours of fun. As we approach the end of daylight saving time and a full moon weekend, we’ve put together some out-of-this-world ideas for getting an extra hour (or more) out of the robots that come in each kit.


Space Race

Build an obstacle course that simulates outer space (think asteroids, stars and maybe even a black hole) and modify your Bot ANN-E, Optibot and DIY Orbot to traverse the perils of space. Predict which bot can reach the end in the shortest amount of time, and then record the time it takes for each to complete the course. Next, brainstorm and prototype different designs and modifications you can make to your bots that could improve their times. Be sure to mix and match the crafting materials from different kits and use them to your advantage.


Robot Space Dog

Did you know that the first animal to orbit the Earth was a dog named Laika? With this in mind, think about what type of gear your Robotic Pet Vet dog would need to live in space. If you decide to create a spacesuit, what special features should it have? How will your robot dog make it to outer space? Consider building a rocket that’s big enough to fit your canine astronaut while providing enough room for the dog to move around.


Take Advantage of Our Daylight Saving Time Sale!

Don’t miss out on all the space race fun! Order your kits from Friday, Oct. 30 through Sunday, Nov. 1 to save $15 on the purchase of a full I Can Invent or Elevate series of Innovation Exploration Kits. Just use the code “DAYLIGHT15” at checkout. To learn more about how much fun fits in each box, we invite you to visit our website.

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