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I Can Invent Series

The I Can Invent series features a compilation of the best bots from Camp Invention.

Begin with the Starter Set, or dive into the full bundle for all the robots, building and boredom-busting challenges!

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Starter Set

What comes in the Starter Set:

  • A high-tech agricultural robot, Bot ANN-E
  • Detailed instructions to guide you through challenges, coding activities and design engineering tasks.
  • Tools to build and test a device that picks up toxic sludge (AKA: SLIME!)

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Optibot Add-On

What comes in the Optibot™ Add-On:

  • Your own self-driving robots that follow twists and turns on tracks you create.
  • Tools to explore how sensors are used in automated systems like the ones in self-driving cars.
  • Lessons in creativity and persistence as you modify and test your Optibots.

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Robotic Pet Vet Add-On

What comes in the Robotic Pet Vet™ Add-On:

  • Two robotic dogs, one to take apart and diagnose, and one to personalize.
  • Step-by-step instructions to get you thinking like a veterinarian as you investigate dog anatomy and perform surgery.
  • Engineering exploration and creative problem solving as you build a dog park using simple machines.

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DIY Orbot Add-On

What comes in the DIY Orbot™ Add-On:

  • Remote-controlled bots to put your own spin on as you design, test, modify and customize your bots.
  • Lessons that incorporate reverse engineering, or taking devices apart, and the invention process.
  • The opportunity to overcome obstacles and build confidence as you complete a series of fun and challenging tasks with your robots.
Elevate Series

The Elevate series brings the most recent, cutting-edge Camp Invention program to your home.

Each activity in this series builds on one another and must be purchased as a full series.

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Camp Invention Flight Lab Kit

What comes in the Camp Invention Flight Lab™ Kit:

  • Two high-tech flight simulation robots, one to take apart and one to customize.
  • Everything you need to experiment with principles of flight, such as lift and thrust.
  • Detailed instructions to guide you in investigating the inner workings of your robot.

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Design Thinking Project Kit

What comes in the Design Thinking Project™ Kit:

  • Inspiring activities that show the value of creativity as you bring your biggest ideas to life.
  • Tools to help you understand the value of intellectual property and begin to see yourself as a capable entrepreneur.
  • Step-by-step instructions that encourage creative thinking as you sketch ideas, build prototypes, design logos and market your product.

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Camp Invention Champions Kit

What comes in the Camp Invention Champions™ Kit:

  • Inventor playing cards for you to discover the great inventors behind your favorite sports.
  • Everything needed to design and build the ultimate sports complex.
  • Detailed instruction to show how you can add simple machines into your tabletop game.

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Rescue Squad Kit

What comes in the Rescue Squad™ Kit:

  • An energy-efficient LED plant for you to use to explore bioluminescence.
  • Tools needed to use your creativity in hands-on challenges to restore balance in nature.
  • Step-by-step instruction to guide you through environmental operations, such as creating parachutes and helping wildlife in habitats across the country.

Unbox hours of hands-on creativity

To help you bring each lesson to life, our kits provide access to supplemental digital content, from instructional videos to music and downloadable posters, all designed to create an immersive learning experience that will make a lasting impact.

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