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Bot ANN-E: Exploring Tech on the Farm With Invention Project

Across the country, school districts are engaging and supporting students through Invention Project®, the customizable PreK-8 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program from the National Inventors Hall of Fame®.

With 32 uniquely themed modules packed with hands-on challenges that invite students to take creative risks and solve real-world problems, the program allows schools to maximize the impact of their ESSER funds.


Explore Bot ANN-E

In one of Invention Project’s most popular modules, Bot ANN-E students explore how robots can be used in agriculture. They use their own programmable robot to discover the power of binary code, and throughout the experience, they create farm- and city-inspired courses for their bot to travel. They even apply inspiration from nature’s pollinators to develop an invention of their own.

While creating their own inventions, students are introduced to National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductee Margaret Wu, an industrial chemist whose work has revolutionized the field of synthetic lubricants and contributed to reducing automotive emissions. Inspired by Wu’s work, students are challenged to discover ways they too can innovate to improve society’s well-being.


Engaging English Language Arts and Mathematics

While taking on each challenge in the Bot ANN-E module, students have the opportunity to build their English language arts (ELA) and mathematics skills in creative and engaging ways.

Throughout the module’s six, one-hour sessions, while collaborating with their friends and sharing their prototypes, students communicate with each other in ways that align with Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards. The curriculum also encourages students to learn and use the following vocabulary words:

  • Autonomy
  • Fractals
  • Coding
  • Pollination
  • Technology

Additionally, students can enjoy an extension activity in which they explore perspective and write a fictional story centered around floods, droughts and frost.

While creating binary code bracelets, children explore mathematics and take a hands-on approach to learning binary code, a system that uses zeroes and ones to represent a letter, digit or other character. Especially for students who suffer from math-related anxieties, exploring patterns from this perspective can help them approach the subject in an approachable way.

Many mathematicians believe that the basic study of mathematics is an investigation of patterns, and helping students approach the subject from this perspective can help combat math-related anxieties.

Educators looking to provide even more math-related content can implement a fun extension activity in which students explore programming combinations they can use to make their bots collide with one another. In the process, they explore measurement, quantification, geometry, estimation, addition and averaging to maximize the results of their experiments.


Learn More About Invention Project

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