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How to Nominate a Future National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductee

Each year, we have the privilege of honoring innovators whose patented inventions have helped move society forward with induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF). We invite the public to submit nominations, which are reviewed, vetted and then evaluated by a committee of subject matter experts in science, technology, engineering and patents.

To nominate a potential Inductee for consideration, participants are encouraged to visit our website and complete the provided form.


How the Public Nomination Process Works

NIHF seeks candidates whose patented work is groundbreaking or represents a significant advancement in their field, is commercialized and in widespread use, and has had a major impact on our daily lives.

We ask nominators to supply quantifiable and verifiable details on how their candidate’s patented work aligns with what we are seeking.

In addition to a description of the invention, how it works and what problem the invention solves, nominators are asked to speak to the novelty of the invention, as well as its societal and economic impact.

  • Novelty: The invention should have a high level of originality and represent a significant breakthrough or advancement as opposed to just an incremental one. There should be important "firsts" or similarly defined breakthroughs associated with the invention.
  • Societal Impact: The nominator should provide information explaining the significant uses of the invention in daily life and how our lives have benefitted and been improved from the widespread cultural adoption of the invention.

    Another indicator of societal impact is how the invention led to significant job creation. The invention may have created a whole new field of research that has driven more innovation and creativity with increased societal applications.

    Lastly, descriptions of how the invention has benefited consumers and improved overall quality of life should also be included.
  • Economic Impact: The economic impact of the invention should be quantified and can include things like the size of the market created by the invention, sales or usage numbers, the positive financial benefits for the inventor’s employer stemming from the invention, and the number of jobs created both by the company and the invention itself.

    If the candidate is an entrepreneur, the nominator should provide information about the history of the company, annual company revenue, number of employees in the United States and worldwide, and the ranking of the company compared to competitors. It’s also important that this information be quantified by statistics from reputable sources such as industry market reports, SEC Form 10-K filings or academic research.


Nominate a Future NIHF Inductee

Nominating a future NIHF Inductee is free and open to the public. Please submit all information and materials on our website.


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