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Behind the NIHF Scenes

What Will Your Child Gain From NIHF Education Programs?

The National Inventors Hall of Fame® celebrates curious and creative minds and inspires the innovative spirit in everyone, from children to the world’s most prominent inventors. We believe every child can become a confident, ambitious lifelong learner through the hands-on exploration of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), design thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

With this in mind, National Inventors Hall of Fame education programs are designed for every kind of kid. We create learning environments that are inclusive, exciting and impactful. Creativity resonates in these spaces, where children take risks, stretch their thinking and grow their confidence. Our programs – like Camp Invention® – bring learning to life through meaningful, real-world application.

To give families a better understanding of what National Inventors Hall of Fame programs can do for children, Overdeck Family Foundation sponsored a partnership between the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Learning Heroes to tell the powerful story of the research-based benefits of our education programs. Learning Heroes is a nonprofit organization that helps equip families with actionable information so they can best support their children’s academic and developmental success. Read on to learn how our programs can provide your child with incredible opportunities for growth and development – academically, socially and emotionally.


Building Confidence, Joy and Belonging

When your child dives into the invention process – engaging in critical thinking, collaboration and creativity – they experience the confidence-building benefits of being an innovator. With National Inventors Hall of Fame education programs like Camp Invention, STEM is brought to life in a fun, practical way that will spark your child’s joy and inspire their imagination. In this same environment, your child is presented with a community in which they feel accepted and their ideas are respected, giving them a sense of belonging.


Providing a Supportive Environment

At the National Inventors Hall of Fame, we know that different perspectives are needed to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, so we ensure that our programs speak to kids of diverse interests, backgrounds and learning styles. As your child is empowered to believe that their mindset is unique and valuable, they can confidently participate in enriching experiences and make meaningful connections through collaboration.


Encouraging Creative Problem Solving

National Inventors Hall of Fame education programs are designed to foster original thinking, providing curious kids the opportunity to create solutions that stretch beyond what currently exists. We know that one of the most powerful ways children learn is by doing, so our programs involve active participation in problem solving and solution finding through hands-on challenges. When your child’s innovative potential is unlocked through our programs, they feel empowered to invent something that can benefit others, and they learn that they can make a real difference.


Introducing Innovative Role Models

Studies have shown that when children are exposed to invention, their inclination to invent increases significantly. Our programs provide your child with the unique opportunity to make meaningful connections with the lessons and stories of our world-changing Inductees. As they relate to and find inspiration in these inventors’ stories, they realize that they too can accomplish their goals and make a positive impact on others.


Supporting Academic Achievement and a Love of Learning

Every family wants to encourage their child’s love of learning, both in and out of the classroom, and National Inventors Hall of Fame education programs are designed to do just that. For instance, studies show that Camp Invention contributes to better school attendance, a higher GPA and better test scores. In addition, participation in camp during the summer leads to an increase in performance and engagement the following school year, while also boosting STEM interest and problem solving.


Discover More

To explore each of these topics in depth and learn more about how our education programs can benefit your child, we invite you to visit our website.

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