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Discover Camp Invention’s Exciting New 2023 Curriculum

Behind the NIHF Scenes Program Highlights

Excitement builds as school districts nationwide continue to sign up to offer the all-new 2023 Camp Invention® program — the innovative K-6 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) summer camp from the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF).

For more than 30 years, this acclaimed program has engaged and inspired children with its unique mix of hands-on challenges created in collaboration with the world’s greatest inventors, our very own NIHF Inductees. Resulting from a 20-month development process, each year’s brand-new curriculum not only qualifies for ESSER funding but also aligns with national and state standards and is differentiated to meet the needs of primary and intermediate students.

This summer’s new program, Wonder, offers turnkey STEM experiences that empower students to embrace their natural curiosity and become confident innovators.

Read below to learn more about each of Wonder’s new modules!


Catching Air™

Children construct their own mini skate parks equipped with ramps, halfpipes and rails as they take an exciting ride through design engineering, physics and art. Throughout the program, campers personalize their own mini skateboards, create DIY skateboard riders and customize their very own skate park features. By practicing skateboard tricks, children gain a tolerance for risk-taking and build self-confidence within an encouraging environment.


Invention Celebration™

In this module, children are challenged to take on the role of event planners to throw an innovative celebration. Along the way, they invent a Party Assistant to help with their big plans, engineer light-up party hats, explore color psychology by making bubble art banners and experiment with sound as they make their own instruments. On the day of their big event, campers rotate between fun stations while celebrating all their amazing accomplishments with one another.



Children investigate the inner workings of their own MimicBot – a robot that mimics sounds – and transform it into a one-of-a-kind animatronic stuffie. Using inspiration from the natural world, they get hands-on with design and use the power of intellectual property to protect their stuffie from the idea-stealing Copy Cat. After camp has ended, children take their stuffie home to continue innovating and creating.


Pop-Up Venture™

Campers transform into innovative entrepreneurs while designing their own mini pop-up business. They first develop a business plan and then receive startup funds they can spend on licenses, permits, marketing, decorations and other materials. Employing their imaginations, they can use what they’ve purchased to create a themed shop that will attract customers. After inventing unique ways to distribute their products, children launch their businesses with the ultimate pop-up event, and in the process, they gain valuable entrepreneurial experience.


Learn More About This Year’s Program

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