Camp Invention

A STEM Summer Program for Grades K-6 That Turns Curious Kids Into Innovative Thinkers

Unlock your child’s potential

Now more than ever, kids need fun, open-ended experiences that can help them build their problem-solving power and make their own creative mark on the world. That’s exactly what Camp Invention® delivers.

Teaming up with certified local educators across the country, the National Inventors Hall of Fame® has provided safe and exciting summer camps for 30 years and counting! Each year, we develop and test a new hands-on camp program to get campers thinking, moving, exploring and creating. That’s why so many parents trust us to help kids build the mindset they need to thrive, now and in the future.

Camp Invention reaches more than 130,000 children a year, and this summer, we’re offering both in-person and at-home camp experiences. Whatever you choose, we can’t wait to get our camp on with you!

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Make the most of this summer

Camp Your Way

Choose the experience that works for you. Whether your camper attends a local program in person or joins us from home, they are sure to have an inspiring, action-packed time.

Build Confidence

We believe every child can invent — and we make sure our campers believe it, too. Kids gain confidence and persistence as they bring their biggest ideas to life.

Promote Problem Solving

Our world needs more creative problem solvers. So our research-backed program is designed to help kids find their own solutions for any challenge.

Encourage Collaboration

What’s more fun than inventing? Inventing with friends! Kids collaborate in both our in-person and at-home camps, learning that everyone has something important to contribute.

Camp your way with our Peace of Mind Promise
Want to sign up and save today, but not sure if you'll want an in-person or at-home experience this summer? No worries-with our new PEACE OF MIND PROMISE, you can sign up and SAVE today and finalize your experience format six weeks before your camp date!
Discover our new 2021 Camp Invention program, Recharge

This year’s all-new program is designed to build essential STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills while also boosting reading abilities. This is all accomplished through hands-on activities that offer so much fun and excitement, kids don’t even realize how much they’re learning!

Explore Open Mic City

Campers step up to the mic to find their own unique voice and become creative entrepreneurs. They discover sounds waves in action as they take apart and rebuild a wireless microphone, and then use powerful pitch skills to promote their own extraordinary invention.

Dive Into Duck Chuck Pond

In this high-energy adventure, kids build and test a device to launch rubber ducks across the world. First, they collect “quack coins” to buy materials for their devices. Then they launch their ducks to visit famous landmarks, testing fascinating concepts like trajectory and velocity.

Hike Through SolarBot Park

As kids make and adopt their very own robotic crickets, they jump into experimenting with circuits and energy. Practicing empathy as they think about the lives of real insects, they create custom habitats — including a fun-filled cricket playground — for their solar-powered bots.

Road Trip to Road Rally Racetrack

Campers learn how to adapt as they design morphing vehicles that can travel across land, adding prototype elements for moving through air and water. With inspiration from cool creatures including a “plantimal,” they modify their vehicles to submerge, soar or sprint in the Super Road Rally.

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