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Camp Invention Licensed Resources

The goal of the Camp Invention® program is to spread the innovative spirit to as many students as possible. The number one way we can do this is by providing you with information to help boost registration. Below, you will find Camp Invention promotional templates and resources designed to help build excitement and registration.

Camp Flyers

Color Camp Flyer Template

Black & White Camp Flyer Template

These flyer templates are promotional tools for use during the 2019/2020 season. Once you’ve added your local Camp Invention site information to the template, you can print and distribute your flyers at school and community events.

Camp Invention Poster

Camp Poster Template

These web banners are promotional tools for use during the 2019/2020 season. Place the web banners on school or classroom websites to boost awareness of the program.

Please use either the image or a link to the image you will be posting on your site. Be sure to direct the image to your camp registration page when someone clicks on it.

For special sizes and questions, please contact Communications.

Additional Resources

Morning Camp Announcements

Licensed Director Guide

Elevate Calendar Listings

Camp Invention Instructor Guide