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The National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) welcomes a new class of legendary Inductees each year. The annual Induction events are just the beginning of these world-changing inventors’ involvement in NIHF’s programming. Your gifts help NIHF to develop meaningful relationships with Hall of Famers, allowing us to collaborate and learning directly from them, so their inspiration can be infused into NIHF STEM curricula and programming. Your gift fuels these vital relationships and inspires tomorrow’s great inventors.

As a sponsor, you can choose corporate giving opportunities that will connect your brand with the world’s greatest inventors while supporting the next generation.

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Learn how donations to the Induction Ceremony helped honor a new class of inventors

With your support, NIHF welcomes an increasingly diverse and inspiring new class each year, helping more young innovators to discover relatable STEM role models with representation and encouragement in their stories.

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